Construction environmental management - Wind Farm

Construction Environmental Management – São Macário II Wind Farm

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NOCTULA – Environmental Consults was responsable for the Construction Environmental Management of São Macário II Wind Farm.

The Construction Environmental Management Plan intended to ensure that, during the construction phase, it was possible to minimize, or even eliminate, any negative impacts caused within the project area (directly or indirectly).

All these processes are more agile when everyone involved are adequately aware of good environmental practices, and performance, verification and compliance routines are created considering the different regulatory documents of the project, such as the legislation, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), among others.

Thus, the fundamental objectives of the Construction Environmental Management Plan are:

1. The definition of a strategic document implemented during execution of the project, which structured methodologies of action, verification and monitoring adopted in the construction site, as well as the resources required for its implementation;

2. The guarantee that all the fundamental factors of environmental protection and the best environmental management practices are considered during the phases of preparation, planning, execution and demobilization of the work;

3. The definition of appropriate procedures for the preservation, minimization and control of impacts on the physical, ecological and social environment of the work area and its surroundings.

4. The promotion of better understanding of everyone involved on site, responsibility in terms of protection and defense of the environment by ensuring the adequate training and environmental education for every duty.

Foto: Siemens

Foto: Siemens

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