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Industrial Licensing

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The Responsible Industry System (SIR) aims to prevent the risk resulting from laboration in industrial establishments, public health and safety, hygiene and safety of the workplace, the quality of the environment and a correct land use planning.

— Who is subjected to Industrial Licensing?

The Responsible Industry System applies to industrial activities (referred in Annex I), excluding industrial activities placed in commercial or catering or beverage establishments, and classifies establishments into three types, depending on the degree of potential risk inherent during its exploitation, for people and the Environment:

Type 1 – establishments whose industrial plant projects are covered by at least one of the following legal provisions: EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), IPPC (Integrated Prevention and Control of Pollution) and PAG (Prevention of Accidents involving dangerous substances);

Type 2 – non included in Type 1, since covered by at least one of the following legal regimes or circumstances: a) electrical power equal to, or greater than 99 kVA; b) Thermal power exceeding 12 × 106 kJ/h; c) Total number of higher than 20 workers; d) the need to obtain Greenhouse Gases Emissions Licenses; e) The need to obtain permit to waste management operations

Type 3 – establishments not covered by Types 1 and 2.

The licensing process must be updated if have occurred:

– Changes that could have significant negative consequences for the safety of workers, public health and/or the environment;

– Changes in the type of licensing scheme;

– Changes in the industrial activity;

– Expansion of the implantation area of the industrial establishment of a percentage higher than 20%.

– What implies being covered by the Diploma?

The facilities that develop one or more activities listed in Annex I, as well as combustion plants and waste incineration and co-incineration of waste, can be explored only after the issuance of licenses under the System of Industrial Emissions.

– What is the process to Industrial Licensing?

To apply for a license one should access “Portal da Empresa”, where the support system enables industry to know in advance, through a simulation, the procedure applicable to its case.

– What is the relevant legislation?

The licensing scheme of industrial establishments – Responsible Industry System was approved by Decreto-Lei n.º 169/2012, de 1 de agosto, as well as the new Regime das Emissões Industriais (REI), by Decreto-Lei n.º 127/2013, de 30 de agosto.

– What NOCTULA – Environmental Consultants does?

We provide support to businesses that need to do Industrial Licensing processes, please contact us in case you need to clarify any questions.

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