Monitoring of Acoustic Environment: Sobrado Wind Farm

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NOCTULA – Environmental Consultants was responsible for evaluating the Acoustic Environment in seven sensitive receptors in the surrounding of the wind farm of Sobrado (as specified in the respective monitoring plan approved in Environmental Compliance Report phase), in order to verifying compliance with the Noise General Regulation, approved by Decreto-Lei n.º 9/2007, de 17 de janeiro.

Given that the wind farm has a daily operating time of 24 hours, the tests covered the daytime periods, dusk and night.

The tests were designed to verify compliance with the relevant provisions of Article 13 of the Noise General Regulation, which regulates the exercise of permanent noisy activities. Specifically, it was evaluated the fulfillment of the exposure and discomfort limit values.

In addition to the legislation mentioned, the methodology took into account the criteria set out in the “Practical Guide to environmental noise measurements – in the context of Noise General Regulation in view of the NP ISO 1996” of the Portuguese Environment Agency.

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