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Waste Management and Treatment – Palácio do Gelo Shopping

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NOCTULA – Environmental Consultants was responsible for the Waste Management and Treatment Study at Palácio do Gelo Shopping.

Shopping centers are large establishments, therefore, potential generators of a large amount of residues, causing environmental impact. Thus, shopping centers have the duty to develop a plan capable of minimize the amount of residues that are sent to the landfill.

This project aimed to optimize management of waste equivalent to urban residues, in this type of facilities.

The methodology developed for this study has taken in consideration the examining of several recycling initiatives in other shopping centers, some factors that influence the waste characteristics and the internal management in organizations.

In this kind of establishment, the residues come from retailers, visitors and cleaning and maintenance activities, and the biggest concerns are the waste that comes from the restaurants, including organic waste and cooking oil.

Waste Management and Treatment palácio-gelo-viseu shopping

With the implementation of the recommendations suggested by the results of the Waste Management and Treatment Study, the following results are expected:

1. Prevention, improvement and recovery of environmental quality;

2. Terms to economic and social development;

3. Better use of the waste collected selectively and thus, reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill;

4. Improvement in the partnerships between the Administration, retailers and waste management agencies through logistics support and technical advice;

5. Promotion of activities in the Shopping Center, related to waste management;

6. Training and raising awareness of the population about the importance of selective collection of waste;

7. Reduction of program costs.

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