Environmental Impact Assessment

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What is it?
Preventive instrument of environmental policy that:
– Identify and quantify the environmental effects of certain projects;
– Propose measures to avoid, minimize or compensate for the negative effects;
– Propose procedures to verify the effectiveness of the measures adopted;
– Promotes public stakeholder participation.

Who is covered by the Diploma of EIA?
Environmental Impact Studies are required for public and private projects likely to have adverse impact on the environment.

NOCTULA – Environmental Consultants provides all services related to this instrument, in all areas:

– Impact Assessment and Environmental Incidence Studies;
– Environmental Compliance Reports (RECAPE);
– Elaboration and Implementation of mitigating and countervailing measures.

The Environmental Incidence Study of Photovoltaic Plant in Ovar and RECAPE of the wind farm in Guardão are two examples of projects in which NOCTULA – Environmental Consultants was involved.

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