Environmental Licensing

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Certain economic activities potentially associated with significant pollution are subject to an environmental licensing process that results in the issuance of an environmental license.

IPPC is an abbreviation for “Integrated Prevention and Pollution Control“, which represents the European philosophy regarding the protection of the environment, bringing an integrated approach to pollution control.

The facilities that develop one or more activities specified in Decreto-Lei n.º 127/2013, de 30 de agosto, as well as combustion, incineration and co-incineration plants are subject to a licensing process.

It is required that the facilities adopt appropriate pollution prevention measures, including implementation of best available techniques, compliance with the emission limits, efficient use of energy, adoption of preventive measures for accidents, among others.

NOCTULA – Environmental Consultants develops the required documents to request the environmental licensing and the necessary reports throughout the year in partnership with the client. We are, for instance, responsible for the environmental management of a plant in the food industry field.

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