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Monitoring Ecological Systems – São Macário II Wind Farm

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NOCTULA – Environmental Consultants was responsible for Monitoring Ecological Systems (fauna and flora) at São Macário II Wind Farm, during exploration phase.

The project consisted in monitoring bird and bat’s communities in the surrounding area of São Macário II Wind Farm and Power Transmission Line, as well as the actions provided for in the Flora and Vegetation Monitoring Plan.

The wind farm area is part of the Natura 2000 network (Serra de Montemuro – PTCON0025).

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The monitoring program aimed to:

1. Identify changes in the bird’s community surrounding the wind farm area and the power line, in terms of potential effect of exclusion;

2. Monitor the occurrence of bird mortality at the wind farm area and the power line;

3. Assess any changes in the way the birds of prey and other soaring birds use the wind farm area;

4. Monitor and characterize the bat’s community and its activity in order to detect any impacts that the exploration phase of the wind farm may have caused;

5. Monitor the bat’s mortality in the wind farm area;

6. Evaluation of Landscape Recovery Plan implemented during the construction phase;

7. Monitoring effectiveness of the activities related to the landscape recovery.

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